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The Banner exchange is a network that swap ads so that your site can gain exposure all across the web. Below you'll find the details of how our system works. We're pretty sure you won't find another system with this many free features on the web. Our banners are delivered in simple Html. Our ads are served up fast, and our system can serve up to 3 million ads a day.

Free Membership

Membership is always free. In return for for displaying banners on your site, you'll earn "credits", and those credits will be used to display your banner on other sites. You do not need any money to participate. If you would like to purchase additional credits you can, but it is not required.

Banner Sizes

You can display only banner of 468 x 60 pixels and it must be 12kb or less gif, animated gif or jpg.


We give all new users 100 credits to start with. This will help you get free advertising while you wait for your site to earn credits. You'll earn 1 credit for every 2 banners you show on your site. Also, you'll earn 10 credits every time someone clicks on a banner from your site. It's a good idea to place banners in good positions on your site so you can earn as many credits as possible.

Real-Time Statistics

You can track all of your banners, banner groups, Referral credits and more with our real-time stats.

Targeted Categories

You'll be able to choose what categories you would like to target and choose specific days, hours, and countries to target your ads to.

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